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Security & Simplicity

We will protect your recovery, simplify your life and secure your future.


Our goal is to provide clients and attorneys with expert financial advice, ensuring that clients are well taken care of and that we are making the most of their recovery. 

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We help clients understand what their recovery means for their financial situation and how to make the most of it.


With more than 25 years of experience our team analyzes interest rates and works with our partners to ensure the best possible rates and outcomes.


Attorneys, learn more about how to structure a settlement and the necessary steps to structuring.



Each client's circumstance is unique, which results in specific financial needs. We work with our clients to meet their goals and provide for their future expenses. 

Evans Byrd

President, Founder

Evans takes a unique approach to each client situation, learning about their needs and customizing a settlement plan that works best for them.

My goal is to protect and provide for clients with a responsible return on their investment.

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Recovery comes at a precious cost.

We understand that recovery comes at a cost and we believe in protecting it.



We work to ensure our clients receive the care and service they deserve. 

A structure was the best solution for my family and my daughter to ensure her financial future. With limited means this allowed me to give my daughter a head start in her adult life, securing her education and wellbeing. Although I can't change the trauma she experienced, this has allowed me to turn the situation into something more positive.

Courtney C.

- parent -

Evans traveled hundreds of miles to mediations, as well as meeting with our clients.  His efforts to know the family and what would be needed for two children, who had undergone extremely tragic loss and trauma were remarkable.  The result was an exceptional plan involving a very significant recovery, which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Mike M.

- attorney -

After all we have gone through, and with the certainty of our son's future medical and equipment needs, it gives us comfort to know that he can depend on a lifetime of guaranteed income.

Adam & Erin H.

- parents -