Benefits of Structured Settlements

For years, structured settlements have been widely used in personal injury settlements to compensate injury victims. In a structured settlement, an agreement is reached between the parties under which the injured person receives damages in the form of a stream of periodic payments. These payments, such as lifetime monthly income, are tailored to meet the injured party’s future medical expenses, basic living, and investment needs.

The payments may be scheduled for any length of time and are structured to meet the financial needs of the individual and their family. They may include lump sum payments to provide for future needs such as college education, and can even be compounded annually to offset the impact of inflation.

A structured settlement may be agreed to privately, as in a pre-trial settlement, or it may be required by a court order, as in a settlement or judgment involving a minor.

A structured settlement is a proven, effective solution for the financial needs of personal injury victims.

Legal professionals, plaintiff attorneys, judges and defense attorneys advocate the use of structured settlements because they can effectively meet an individual’s needs for security, and provide more benefits over time than a single, lump sum settlement.