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Consultation & Guidance

Our services ensure long term financial security and stability. 

Our Services

We help attorneys and their clients develop a plan to most effectively manage their recovery. We utilize a combination of financial expertise and planning that is applied only to plaintiffs.

Structured Settlements

Structured settlements help clients manage their recovery in a way that ensures longevity and security. 

Traditionally damages are recovered in a lump sum as a result of a verdict or settlement. Such a windfall can present innumerable unforeseen challenges for the client and their families. Structured settlements are designed to help clients and their families bypass these challenges and provide the longevity and security for which they were intended. 

✔  Multiple Guarantees 

✔  Tax Free 

✔  For Life 

✔  No Market Risk 

✔  Safe From Creditors 


Trusts offer individuals and families exceptional levels of every day and long term financial, estate and tax planning.

Byrd Settlements Inc. has worked to establish relationships with local trust attorneys and negotiate reduced fees from multiple nationally renowned financial service providers to offer our clients unmatched creditor protection and the flexibility to adjust to the changes inherent in both their lives and financial markets. Partnering with multiple institutions and with the ability to work with and oversee virtually any trustee, we add additional layers of protection and overcome the limitations of any single trust provider with rigid minimums and corporate policies, and actually help advise as to when a change may be in your best interest without the inconvenience of additional court approval.

✔  Renowned Institutions 

✔  Local Attorneys 

✔  Low Fees 

✔  Flexibility 


Client Financial Counseling

We provide as much or as little direction as needed to create a lifetime of financial security.

We help clients construct a stream of periodic payments that align with their wishes and future income needs. In addition, we work with clients after their settlements are structured to provide advice and guidance as needed. 

✔  Maximized Income 

✔  College Funds

✔  Inflation Protection

Expert Analysis

We have the experience and resources to create a lifetime of financial security without a lifetime of recurring fees. 

Through the evaluation of life care plans and consultation with an eye towards the future, we address the expected and account for the unknown. With more than 25 years of combined experience and hundreds of cases, we can address client needs, meet goals and simplify the entire process. 

✔  Licensed Nationwide

✔   25 Years Exp.

✔  Trust Background 

Industry Best Practices

Specifically licensed with annual education and ethics requirements.

Our team works closely with the top structured settlement providers to ensure a partnership that is beneficial for each and every client. We work with attorneys to ensure they understand the specifics of a structured settlement and guide attorneys and clients through the process according to strict federal and state guidelines.

✔  Annually Certified 

✔  Ethics Requirements 

✔  NSSTA Member 

Protect your future with a structured settlement. 

Byrd Settlements is here to help you navigate this complicated process and provide guidance that will allow for a lifetime of income.  

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